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                                      THE BUILDING OF BRIXWORTH CHURCH   5.00

                                                    By D. S. Sutherland BSc  PhD  FGS



                             Who served the altar at Brixworth?

                             Clergy in English Minsters c. 800-c. 1100


                              28th Brixworth Lecture, 2010 by Julia Barrow  4.50


  Architecture, Liturgy and Romanitas at All Saints' Church, Brixworth            



 27th Brixworth Lecture 2009 by Richard Gem                                            5.00     



                           The Priest, The Temple and The Moon in the Eigth Century

                           By Ian Wood                                                                                                   

                           25th Brixworth Lecture 2007                                                                            4.00


All Saints' Church Brixworth: How the Church took its Shape:  

By Harold M Taylor                                                                                           1.25

An account of the remarkable events by which the chancel of Brixworth

Church was transformed in the mid 1800s largely by the personal efforts of the

Revd. CF Watkins, into its present condition.


The mystery of the Brixworth Relic:

By David Parsons                                                                                              1.00

A booklet written in 1981 based on the author's article 'Brixworth and the

Boniface Connction' in 'Northampton Past and Present'


                          The Church and the Law in Early Anglo-Saxon England:   *

By HR Lyon                                                                                                        1.50

The text of a highly specialised lecture given by the author in 1992 on law

giving and social stability in the Anglo-Saxon period and how much applies

places such as Brixworth.


Two Anglo-Saxon Rituals:   *

By DW Rollason                                                                                                1.25

An insite to two of the rituals, festivals and services of the Church in

Anglo-Saxon England.


The Meaning of the Mercian Sculpture:   *

By Richard N Bailey                                                                                          1.25

The illustrated text of a lecture given by the author in 1988 in which he looks

at some of the challenges of studying the sculpture from the central England

kingdom of Mercia and the valuable information that can be dicovered  from

such important archaeological work.


The Councils of Clofesho:   *

By Simon Keynes                                                                                                2.50
An investigative publication looking into the possible location and of

activities in the Anglo-Saxon Clofesho.


The Early Christian Church in Leicester and its Regions:

By Richard Bailey                                                                                               1.50

The text of a lecture given to commemorate the 1300th anniversary of the

appointment of the fisrt Bishop of Leicester. The author paints a vivid picture

of a vital missionary work and pastoral concerns in and around Leicester during

the seventh century.


Anglo-Saxon Missionaries in Germany:   *

By Rosamond Mckitterick                                                                                 2.50

One of several publications looking into the carrear of the Anglo-Saxon missionary

St. Boniface. This one investigates the connection between him and other holy men

from Britain who journeyed to Germany in the seventh and eighth century.


St Boniface - Clofesho - Brixworth:

By David Parsons                                                                                                1.00

A short paper exploring the possible association of the 7th century missionary

St Boniface with Clofesho and Brixworth.


A Dated Timber Fragment from Brixworth Church

Northamptonshire: By David Parsons                                                              1.00

A reprint from the journal of the British Archaeological Society Researsh Group's

excavations in 1977.


Excavations at Brixworth 1981-2:

By Michel Audouy et al

and the Petrological Survey of All Saints' Church:

by Diana Sutherland & David Parsons 1985                                                     4.00

Two interim reports of the excavation work undertaken at All Saints' Church

during 1980 by the Brixworth Archaeological Group.


Burnt Stones in a Saxon Church:

By Diana Sutherland                                                                                          2.00

A reprint taken from 'Stone: quarrying and building in England A.D.

43-1525' Published in 1990.


Opening the Franks Casket: *                                                                          

By Michael Swanton                                                                                           3.00  

The story of an 8th century casket discovered near Clermont - Ferrand in the

Auergne in the early 1800s.


OnBells and Belltowers: Origins and Evolution in Italy and

BritainAD700-1200  *                                                               

By Neil Christie                                                                                                   3.00

A transcript of the 16th Brixworth Lecture, 1998.


Sculpture on theMercian Fringe: TheAnglo-Saxon crosses at Sandbach,

Cheshire   *

By Jane Hawkes                                                                                                 3.50

A transcript of the 17th Brixworth Lecture, 1999.


Lost Chantries & Chapels of Medieval Northamptonshire   *

By David Parsons                                                                                               3.50

A transcript of the 18th Brixworth Lecture, 2000.


Church, State & Access to Resources in Early Anglo-Saxon England   *

By Nicholas Brooks                                                                                           3.00

A transcript of the 20th Brixworth Lecture, 2002.


Corruption, Decline and the Real World of the early English Church:

Aristocrats & Abbotts

By Patrick Wormald                                                                                           3.00

A transcript of the  Brixworth Lecture, 2003


Gluttons For Punishment? The drunk and disorderly in Anglo-Saxon homilies

By Elaine Treharne                                                                                            3.00

A transcript of the 24th Brixworth Lecture, 2006


* The printed version of one of Brixworth's Annual All Saints'-tide Lectures.


Northamptonshire Stone

By Dr. Diane Sutherland                                                                                     6.95

A book reflecting Northamptonshire's wealth of historic buildings built of stone.

As well as including a generous selection of maps, diagrams and photographs of

buildings, the author has provided close-ups of the various stones, often greatly

magnified to show the subtle differences between them.