The Lady (Verdun), Chapel

The chapel was built during the 13th century, possibly by the request of Sir John de Verdun (d.1276) whose badly worn tomb can be seen in one of the two moulded recesses on the south -facing wall. The Rev. C.F. Watkins placed a late 15th century screen across the entrance into the Lady Chapel during the extensive restoration work he undertook during the 1860's. Originally part of a much wider screen situated across the triumphal arch leading into the apse, this shortened section was repainted in 1919 in what was thought to be its original colours. It bears a Latin inscription of the opening words of Psalm 68. In 1809 workmen found the Brixworth Reliquary underneath the middle window in the south wall of the Lady Chapel (more information can be found on The Brixworth Relic elsewhere on this website).



                                                        Entrance to Lady Chapel                                      Interior of Lady Chapel - refurbished 2016